The Front Package

4 reviews

The Front Package

4 reviews -

A special and limited dedication set for the warriors of the Greatest Generation. These beautifully crafted 16 oz Handmade Ceramic Steins are made right here in the USA!

Set includes BOTH STEINS

Compliments well with our GREAT WAR PACKAGE

In the Pacific Stein, the dee blue symbolizes the oceans of the Pacific, where some of the greatest naval and air battles occurred. The Green represents the dense and deadly jungles of the Pacific Islands, where the fighting was brutal, savage and bloody.

In the European Stein, the olive green represents the countrysides of the European Theater, while the white rocky color represents the streets of every town and city that had to be conquered in order to achieve final victory!

ONE TIME RUN! Do Not Miss out these!

  • Independently tested to be 100% lead-free and food safe
  • FDA and Proposition 65 compliant
  • Made in an energy-efficient, employee-safe environment
  • Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe