Berserker Stein

Perfect for the long nights at the mead hall after raiding the shorelines and caving in skulls. Our berserker stein is sure to bring the blessing of Odin on all soul stacking activities. Whether blowing off steam from the long voyage, or toasting those who have already made it to Valhalla, this 20oz stein is a must. Grab yours and raise a cold one to the All-father

  • 22oz mead capacity
  • Independently tested to be 100% lead-free and food safe
  • FDA and Proposition 65 compliant
  • Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Handmade in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Tasting the blood of my ancestors enemies!

Ok. Maybe not their blood, but everything that has been consumed from this stein is made epic by, like, oh I don't know, one billion percent! What, you want to argue that there isn't one billion percent? Well my ice cold milk from this stein disagrees. Now you apologize or suffer the consequences. Once, while travelling through Texas I was stopped for speeding by Walker Texas Ranger. That's right, Chuck Norris himself. Well he tried to give the lip and tell me to get out of the vehicle. I politely said "nay nay." I was then threatened with his signature round house kick. You know what happened? I cracked open a beer and poured it into the stein. I looked him dead in the eye and drank from it. All of it. Not blinking. Well folks, it was at that point ol Chuck himself apologized for taking up my time. I was sent on my way.

Buy the stein, own Chuck Norris.

Berserker Stein

I have become an alcoholic just so I can use this Stein as often as possible. It looks great and holds loads of beer, what more do you want?

Berserker Stein

Wow! This is an absolutely amazeballs mixing device! It has 5 Settings (including stun) 3 speeds and a gazillion attachments! Now I can "Go HAM!" Whilst concocting my meat smoothies! Just orderes the ideal Stein to enjoyy meat smoothies in, a Berserker, the perfect vessel!

Couldn't be happier

Awesome quality on the Berserker Stien, much better then the web pic shows! It's a gift for my son and he's going to LOVE it. Will be ordering more from Zero Foxtrot for sure!!!

Axe Stein

Wonderful craftsmanship, nice detail, and well made. It is my go to Stein. Came well bundled up and secure in its packaging. The Stein arrived on time, as promised.