Blackbeard Book

The official ledger for all seafaring soul stackers. Document everything from ship boardings to what rum pairs well with slitting throats. Limited edition, handmade with premium two tone premium leather

  • Official Rite In The Rain pages, impervious to the environment.
  • Easily replace the pages with new RITR pages, simply by removing the lacing. 
  • Measures roughly 7 1/4 x 5 x 1 in.
  • American Made quality

*The entire leather binder can withstand bad weather and rain, except for the leather patch*

If you want the ZF team to write a dedication, let us know in the comment box when ordering.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Melts the eyes of all enemies that dare gaze upon it. Counts the souls of all the poor bastards that dare oppose your forces. This books presence was so fiercesome my OIC told me to secure it so I don't frighten children and villagers. This item should be on every stackers list.

Not just another cover.

This book is much more than a cool cover, it's all function that happens to look bad a$$.
I carry it everywhere. The rite in the rain paper is an added functionality bonus..
Don't hesitate to buy this thinking it's just a novelty. It's a novelty that works as good as it looks.

Love it!

Great quality, everything I expected


Blackbeard Book

Awesome Nostalgic Notebook

Looking for something different, something old fashioned, something that will cause others to ask questions and a desire to hold? Well look no further, this notebook has raised countless eyebrows, generated abundance of curiosity, and caused meetings to stop mid-sentence. The best part of this notebook is the hundreds of rainproof pages that will not disintegrate from sea spray or from torrential downpours you will encounter while traversing the Caribbean Sea. When you have finished drawing the location of your buried treasure the pages can easily be removed and replaced with new Rite in the Rain pages. The leather has been carefully cut and tanned from our arch nemesis Captain Long John Silver's crew and will not leave you hanging, unlike Captain Long John Silver did.