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Thrive Tags (Limited Edition)

25 reviews

Thrive Tags (Limited Edition)

25 reviews

These "ZF Thrive Tags" are exclusively custom made for us. Hand forged in America and constructed with D2 Tool Steel, therefore it's built to last.

- One set includes BOTH TAGS! 

- Custom engraved with our Skull and Motto

- The knife is 1.75" tall by 1" wide by 1/8" thick. The cutting edge is 1" convex ground blade. 

- The cut-hook and bottle opener tag is also 1.75"x1"x1/8"

- Both tools have kydex blade-guards for safety while wearing, that also double as grips when opened. 

- Ballchain link is also included.


- ONLY 15 in stock! ACT FAST!


**LEGAL DISCLOSURE:  We are not legally bound or responsible for your purchase of this item and its uses. Check your local and state laws in regards to owning and carrying such an item. In short, USE COMMON SENSE**