Zero Slim Clip Wallet

Keep your money and collected souls close and secure with our handmade leather clip wallet. It's slim design is prefect for keeping your loadout simple and compact, whether sliding into a trench or your favorite pub. This premium wallet is sure to keep your cash in order and you at zero. Grab yours before they're gone!

  • Hermann Oak veg-tanned leather
  • Embossed skull front design
  • Nickel plated clip
  • Measures 3" W x 4" H
  • Card pocket that can fit up to 10 cards, even more if stretched
  • Cutaway at the bottom for easier card retrieval
  • Saddle stitched by hand with a twisted polyester thread
  • Perfect for front pocket carry
  • Individually hand crafted in the USA by a single artisan, no manufacturing line

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Zero Slim Clip Wallet

Zero slim clip wallet

Great craftsmanship best wallet I've owned can hardly Tell it's in my pocket

Very awesome

Very good quality leather wallet, never leave home without it

Great wallet

Only thing I would like to see is a better money clip

A wonderful addition to my EDC

I love the wallet. The front section adorned with the skull is beautiful, while the money clip on the back is a great touch. The whole thing is put together well, and it's something I love having on my person. I carry five cards and it takes them just fine. You can probably fit 8 in it.

My only gripe is that the money clip does stick out a decent amount from the rest of the wallet (about a half inch) This does force you to put the skull side facing the inner part of your pants as it feels weird to have this small metal bit jabbing into you when sitting. I have only had the wallet for about a month, so I can't tell if this will negatively effect the front and its beautiful design. I can understand why ZF built it like this though. Most money clips use a spring to hold cash, which have the chance at breaking over time. I have a feeling that this design (using no spring but metal on metal tension instead) will definitely last longer.

Overall, this is a great piece. It's a bit of an investment, to be sure. My Treyvax summit was cheaper by a decent amount and is a slight bit slimmer, but the Zero Slim Clip wallet is better at holding cash, and is a true beauty to behold. USA made so that's a bonus in my book. I don't regret buying it one bit. I think this wallet is a great addition to anyone's minimalist EDC, especially those who, like me, like a slimmer design than traditional wallets.