Carlos Hathcock


U.S. Marine Corps

One of the most lethal snipers in U.S. History 

Carlos “White Feather” Hathcock on May 20th, 1959 enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at the age of 17. This set Hathcock on a path to become one of the deadliest hardfucks in Marine Corps history.

Carlos Hathcock had 93 confirmed kills during his tours in Vietnam. Hathcock would say that he dispatched around 300 to 400 enemy combatants. Probably more accurate knowing his savagery.

The North Vietnamese nicknamed Carlos, Lông Tráng, or White Feather, because of the feather that Carlos would always wear in his hat band. This is what the counter snipers would look for when hunting down Hathcock. Knowing this, the other men in his platoon would also wear similar white feathers to throw off enemy snipers. No one in the Viet Cong ever collected that $30,000 bounty.

Carlos’ greatest accomplishments would include killing an elite enemy sniper, nicknamed “Cobra.” Hathcock sniped Cobra through the scope, providing proper ventilation to the back of Cobra’s skull. This would require both snipers to be sighting in on each other at the exact same time. Carlos was just faster on the trigger. Mythbusters tried recreating this shot and proved how nearly impossible it was.

His next biggest accomplishment would involve a volunteer mission behind enemy lines to kill a North Vietnamese General. It took him four sleepless days to crawl 1,500 yards to get into position. Hathcock explained how enemy patrols almost stepped on him while he was low crawling to his target. One dead General later, Carlos was able to survive what should have been a suicide mission.

After Vietnam, Carlos Hathcock helped set up the Marine Scout Sniper school in Quantico, VA. He was medically separated from the Marine Corps in 1979 and continued to provide sniper training to different police departments as well as Seal Team 6. He still holds the 7th longest confirmed kill to date while using the M2 .50 caliber machine gun. Carlos Hathcock is the only one on that list that used a machine gun. He needed to skullfuck the enemy by any means necessary. He was one of the best at it.

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