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Ways to earn points:

1 Point for every dollar you spend

Every time you shop in our store, you earn points for every dollar you spend.

150 Points

When you sign up for an account on our site to join the program.

500 Points

When you refer a friend to us, you get points and they get 10% off. 

100 Points

When you share our shop on your Facebook account.

50 Points

When you like our page on Facebook.

50 Points

When you follow us on Instagram.

50 Points

When you share our shop on your Twitter page.

500 Points

Happy Birthday to you! Every year on your birthday we make it rain (points) on you. You're welcome.

Redeem your points:

These instructions assume you've already signed up for an account and have some points to spend. Remember, you get 150 points just for signing up, so you should be able to redeem right away.



Login to your account There is a link to login in the header of the site under the "My Account" menu.


Open rewards center

You can access your rewards center from several places. The "Rewards Program" tab at the bottom of of every page on the site (click here to see hint) is always available for you to access your points. You can also click on your points balance in the header, the "Redeem Points" button in the cart, or you can even click right here.


Choose your reward

In the rewards center, you will see a list of available awards. Choose your reward and click "Redeem" (you will also be asked to confirm). A coupon code for your reward will be automatically generated and appear on the screen, but we'll also email your code to you just in case.


Spend your rewards

When you're done shopping, open your cart and click "Checkout". You can enter your code on this page.

*You cannot enter your code in the cart pullout. You must go to the checkout page to access the discount code field.