Hugh Glass

1783 - 1833

Legendary Frontiersman and Hunter

Survived a vicious Grizzly Bear Attack

Hugh Glass was an American frontiersman, fur trapper, trader, hunter and explorer. He is best known for his survival story after being left for dead by his companions when he was mauled by a grizzly bear.

While scouting game for the expedition, Glass surprised and disturbed a mother grizzly bear with her two cubs. Without warning, the mother bear charged at Glass, bit, slashed, and lacerated his flesh, severely wounding him. 

Glass nevertheless managed to kill the bear with help from the rest of his trapping party, but was left badly mauled. 

The rest of the trapping party carried Glass on a make-shift litter for two days, but in doing so the group's pace slowed significantly. 

After two days of struggle, the party leader asked for two volunteers to stay with Glass until he died. As the rest of the party left, the two volunteers, Fitzgerald and Bridges, began to dig Glass's grave. 

Fitzgerald later claimed that he and Bridges were forced to leave Glass because a group of attacking Arikara Indians were closing in. Fitzgerald and Bridges left Glass alone in an unfinished grave.

For the rest of Hugh Glass's story view his video below.

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