William "Bigfoot" Wallace

04.03.1817 - 01.07.1899

Texas Ranger

Descendant of Scottish Highlander William Wallace 

Texas Ranger and American folk hero William Wallace was said to be a descendant of the Scottish highlanders William Wallace and Robert Bruce. 

Wallace fought with the Texas Army against the invading Mexican Army near San Antonio in 1842, volunteered for the Somervell and Mier expeditions, and joined the Texas Rangers during the Mexican War. 

In the 1850s he commanded, as a captain, a ranger company of his own, fighting border bandits. During the Civil War, he helped guard the frontier against the Comanche Indians. 

The later years of his life were spent in South Texas in the small village named Bigfoot. He liked to sit in a roomy rawhide-bottomed chair in the shade of his shanty and tell the stories of his career.

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