William Charrette


US Navy

Medal of Honor Recipient

During the Korean war, on March 27, 1953 the Marines from Fox Co.2/7 Marines were tasked with capturing a heavily defended hill from the enemy. 
As hand to hand combat ensued and with casualties mounting, HM3 William Charrette began treating the wounded until an enemy grenade landed near him and a Marine he was aiding. 
He placed himself on top of the Marine in order to shield him from the explosion, and in doing so, the grenade's blast tore off his helmet and destroyed his medical bag and knocked him unconscious. 
When he awoke, he found his face bleeding from shrapnel wounds and was blind. Regardless, he began using torn parts of his uniform in order to dress battle wounds. He removed his battle vest and placed it on another wounded Marine whose vest was destroyed from another explosion. 
He then attended to five Marines who were wounded in a trench and then exposed himself to incoming rounds in order to carry the one most serious wounded comrade to safety. 
Despite suffering serious injuries, he remained on the battlefield until the battle was over. 
The above action would earn him the Medal of Honor. He retired from the Navy after 26 years of service. 
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