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David is an Army Combat Veteran of 8 years and has worked the last 5 years as a Firefighter on Lake Travis. Currently working as a Clinical Specialist and Executive Protection Officer here in Austin, TX.


Anna was Marine Corps motor T mech from 06-10 stationed at Camp Lejuene, NC. Moved to Texas in April, 2021 and quit her job as an x-ray tech to start her own Coffee roasting company, Hard Charger Coffee. Anna adopted her niece in 2019 and is now taking it on as her purpose to show her how great you can be in this country if you set your mind to it.


Born and raised in Texas. 4X combat Air Force veteran. Former combat delivery man of .50 cal ammo to those who deserve it the most. Husband, father, firefighter, jiu-jítsus practitioner. 100% God fearing and American.


Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Rito joined the Army as a tanker in 2015. Transferred into the national guard, and moved to Austin, Texas, now serving as a police officer.

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