The following FAQ answers the most common questions we get about international shipping. If you've placed (or want to place) an international order, there will be import taxes (imposed by the country you order from) and the shipping takes a little longer and costs a little more.

For UK customers:

To track and see import fees:
  • Go to
  • Under the tab receiving mail, click 'track your item'. 
  • In this tab if you enter your USPS tracking number (i.e. CJ530208440US) Royal Mail will be able to find it and it will show you your closest depot where it is being held at.
  • Your paperwork to collect it/re-deliver it should turn up within the next few days or you can just go up the depot with that USPS tracking number.

Q. Do you ship outside of the United States of 'Murica?

A. Yes, we ship international all the time. Just because you live on the other side of the horizon, doesn't mean you can't stay zero!

Q. I live outside the U.S., do I have to pay import taxes?

A. Yes. Like any country, there are import/custom taxes that your country imposes on items over a certain value that come from outside your country. The rates vary and depend on the value and have to be paid prior to picking the items up. We have no control of that because it's law, but are working to minimize those costs for all of our international supporters. Each country has their own different laws and regulations on import taxes. If you're wondering what those costs are, just google your country's name and import/custom tax and it will give you a break down on what you could pay or not.

Q. I live outside the U.S., how long will it take for my order to get here?

A. Depending on the country, times may vary. It can be from 10 days to a month or longer. Here is why; delays happen (weather, holidays, multiple drop offs, lazy workers etc..) the biggest deal is customs. Each package that comes from outside your country needs to be inspected by them, times for that vary.

Q. I live outside the U.S., do I need to put my phone number as part of the order?

A. Yes! When shipping outside of the U.S., the postal service requires a phone number in order to fulfill the customs forms. Trust us, we won't use your number for booty calls and death threats. 

Q. This really didn't help, where can I contact you?

A. Email us directly at