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Black DCU might be my favorite camo now. I have two other woobie hoodies from other companies and in comparison to the ZF one I was stupid to waste my money with the other brand. The quality of the woobie hoodie is top notch. Normally for hoodies I wear a large but fit into a medium with no issue and had plenty of room so you may want to order a size down. It's definitely a must have!

My new favorite hoodie

Soon as saw that this was a thing, a woobie hoodie it was an instant “I gotta try this” thing. It’s lightweight, comfortable and looks great. Plus you get a sweet woobie without standing in a long ass line at CIF gear.

Woobie and Huckleberry T-shirts

Love the woobie very well-made it’s going camping with me but for now it’s going on my bed tonight and the huckleberry t- shirts usually I don’t buy a blended shirt I like all cotton but the T-shirts were very soft and felt better than I expected. Both items were exactly as described. Both items got here quicker than I expected. Thank you so much. As I will be definitely be purchasing more items from y’all.

Excellent Product

Absolutely love my new hoodie. Exactly what I was hoping for, excellent quality too. Would recommend this product to anyone who wants to experience the ultimate in lounging comfort.


Love these woobies!! Keep you warm. This is my second woobie and will probably buy another

Patriotically AWESOME!

I am stoked about this woobie. Totally lightweight and storable, but warm!!! Looks badass on any Patriots couch while not being used to keep warm. I was worried about fit, but it’s super sizable without being overly bulky for transit.

Quick ship

My son is always wearing it so must be good!

Jungle Tiger Woobie

Absolutely love it

Betsy keeps me warm and protects me from communism.

Buy it!


Very nice!

Purchased this as a gift for my son. He loved it and now has it as his bed spread.

That Warm Pillowy Feeling

I got a large. It fits a little big which is how I wanted it. I usually wear a medium. Between this one and the perseverance survival hoodie I prefer the Zero. The cuffing on the wrists and waist are thicker and more durable material. The pattern is the biggest reason I ordered it. Some material stitched onto the elbows to prevent snagging may help. These woobies are super comfortable but sharp edges are their kryptonite. Just a warning. I love the Zero hoodies so much I steal my wife’s black one from time to time. Keep up the quality products ZeroFox!

Love the jungle tiger

Love the jungle tiger design. Has always been a favorite camouflage design of mine and now it comes in a woobie. I've only used the woobie at home this winter but planning on using it for light summer camping. I don't see any design flaws in it and it works just the same as the issued poncho liner I had when I was an infantryman. I'll be purchasing more woobies. That Miami Rhodie color is next on my list. I live and work in the Rocky Mountains and these woobies are perfect for backcountry summer trips. I've recommended these to a bunch of my friend.


Posting the review here because the non zip in this print is in the ether.

Best Christmas present to date! Merges my love of Rhodesian history with new found love of no fucks given flamboyancy. It’s impossible to miss me on the slopes with this level of 80s throwback. Pairs perfectly with the M-1951 Trousers with liners. I’m basically wrapped from my bare ass to my nips in woobie goodness. Like being in a silky soft heaven while flying down the mountain.

Breaks the wind at 30mph and keeps me warm enough to ski no gloves at speed 5stars!

Please make silkies in this print or standard Rhodi brushstroke!

The Woobie Perfected

Wore this going backwoods winter camping as a day jacket. Very warm and perfect windbreaker (of course).
When the truck bounced off the unplowed road and the front end ended up in 4 feet of snow, the next 48 hours was spent laying on the snow, digging out the truck with an stool.
This jacket kept me warm, dry and focused on unassing the truck. This thing never once failed me.
A thousand fucking stars.


It was a Christmas gift to my kid brother that lives on the other side of the nation. Nothing says I Love You like a tiger striped woobie hoodie.....right?

I love it just big

I got a medium because I’m a medium guy. It’s really really big.

Other than that it’s absolutely incredible and I love it. Guess I can wear it over my uniform in the field.


USA well made

Great Piece of Gear!

My “go to” jacket. Easy to layer, looks great and performs outstanding. Many positive comments and questions about “where can I get one?” Keep them in stock!!

Tiger Woobie

Absolutely love this hoodie. Super comfortable, light but great at keeping you warm. Don’t get too many cold days in Florida but good to know I have this to get me through those cold ones.

Too cool for school

All my friends want to fight me for this hoodie but I licked it first so it’s mine.

More reliable than my ex wife

Keeps you warm and won’t leave you for Jody along with all your money. 11/10 would buy again.

great item

item is outstanding, great quality and really warm. Will order again but don't get in a rush to receive it. shipping over christmas was horrible.

Zero Foxtrot Is Great/ USPS Sucks

I ordered my woobie hoodie a month and a half ago and its somewhere in the states.

Now I contacted customer service and they're great and I have no negative comments on zero as a company. They're products and service are awesome.

USPS screwed my order up before it even left Austin and they called and corrected it to get my package moving and stayed in contact with me.

If you order though, I'd try to not to ship through USPS if the options there.

Warm as hell

This thing is really warm, it's perfect for New England.